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Are You A Grup?

A long article but worth the read:

Up With Grups!- New Yorker Magazine Article

Very interesting social commentary. I am a Grup. Without the husband and uber advanced ‘cool’ kid, YET.

Johari Window

following GitsAndShiggles’ lead, i’m doing a johari window also… out of curiosity.. also to see what nice things people think of me as being… :) so click on link above if you are bored…

In The Year 3000…

One of the many careers i would like to pursue if i had all the brain power and resources in the world to study anything i desired would be: Futurism. I would like to be a futurist, studying trends in all disciplines to forecast a realistic vision of what the future will look like in 20, 50, 100, 1000 years. How fascinating. Futurists get paid to study, write and lecture on the future. Good futurists are looked upon with respect, awe and even a little fear. They have permission and authority to delve into realistic sci-fi dreamings. Can you imagine spending your life daydreaming about the future?

From a fascinating 1989 artice in “Compute” Magazine on what computing in the year 2001 might look like:

If you’re a novice telecommunicator, you may want to start with Prodigy (run by IBM and Sears), which is available in several metropolitan areas, including New York. Los Angeles, Washington, Baltimore, Atlanta, and Detroit. The service should reach 42 percent of American households by the end of this year and go nationwide by the early 1990s. Prodigy is easy to use and offers a panoply of features: online shopping, news, advertising, stock purchasing, electronic mail. You could sign on to a local BBS, or even tap into one of the giant databases such as DIALOG.

“A local BBS” hahha….

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Creative License?


I for one will not watch this episode. Too much healthy confrontation in public gives me the shivers.

Million Dollar Homepage

Just an update on the million dollar homepage. Alex Tew has sold his last 1,000 pixels on ebay (BRILLIANT BRILLIANT) for $38,100. Kudos to Alex Tew on following through on an amazing idea, while also making some bucks at the same time.

Just some background: when i first read about his page last year, i immediately bought $100 worth of pixels for one of my websites verrrry early on. I’ve had tons of hits to my page as a result, and my page has been listed in other sites documenting the progress of the attainment of the 1 million. wow.

In The Desert

i am in the desert again. i was here a little over 7 years ago when i was doing my masters at PTS. in the desert is where i have no inspiration, no ideas, no spark. a dry, empty well. the good thing is I know God will fill it as He has done many times, but it is my lack of patience that makes it a tough time. back when i was at PTS i kept a poetry diary. i love reading through it because i what i wrote details exactly what i was feeling and records specific memories i would never recall otherwise. i call my poetry ‘rbp’ which is short for ‘really bad poetry’. but i’m grateful for what i wrote and i read back on those poetry entries that were typed out in different fonts, printed, then cut out and pasted into a book. i realize i haven’t written from feeling for a long time. i should start again. here is something typically expressive from the PTS book.


the well is dry
a drought felt
dust breeze
swirling sand
whistle pitch
in an instant
a constant flow
(this town took for granted)
a moment of pause
a drought felt
a dried
panic running
out of dream water
babies will die children will weaken
plants will wither fruit will sour
and know- the city mayors will meet
comes running
to look down
how to solve
the well dried
to bring back
flowing waters


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